Expectations vs Reality

In the beginning I was anxious about being abroad and adjusting to a new environment, but as I started to get acquainted with the program I felt more comfortable living in London. Staying here for several weeks, I have grown to love all the little things that London has to offer.

On the day of my arrival in this new city I was expected to be able to get myself from the airport to my flat using the tube. The mere thought of having to figure out the transportation system while also not knowing my way around initially made me anxious before I got here. Although using the tube on the very first day was extremely stressful and seemed very complicated, I became an expert in navigating my way through the city within the first week. I also grew to love it because of the ease and convenience it provided. It definitely is going to be a type of culture shock when I go back home because traveling will not be as convenient as it is in London. It is not only easy to travel within the city, but also to other cities and countries. I visited Paris while I was here and it was only a two-hour train ride. As someone coming from New York City I am familiar with public transportation, but I definitely like the tube more.

Back home I am used to a more routine lifestyle and knowing exactly what needs to be done and how to do it when it comes to going to school or work. Coming to London meant I had to step outside of my comfort zone which caused me to be nervous about this journey. Before coming to London I felt like I was not going to get used to the city and be able to find my way around, but within the first weeks I felt comfortable here.

I never imagined I would go abroad, but it definitely was one of the greatest decisions of my life. As I reminisce on the time I spent here in the past weeks, I am able to understand how beneficial this trip was for me. I had the opportunity to take an accounting class that had a great impact on my academics and this exposed me to different accounting issues which allowed me to learn a lot in terms of accounting in general. Also, before beginning the program, I was excited to intern because working abroad provides valuable skills and a unique experience. I was able to study interesting topics related to accounting, gain work experience, meet new people, and see so many new things. Although I was a little hesitant and nervous coming to London, I know that I will want to come back because I was not able to see and do as much as I wish I had done.