Last Week in London!

I can not believe this is my final week! I’ve made so many amazing memories, learned, and experienced so much. I’m both happy and sad because I’ve had a great time but I know I will be back soon.

Before I studied abroad I thought that I would be doing something everyday and be out exploring the city everyday. For the first three weeks I really did that! However it became apparent that it would be exhausting and expensive to do so! I really slowed down during week 4 and 5 to take enjoy the little things. I also thought we would have an incredible amount of work, but it was spread across the term very nicely and if done in advance it was not bad. I also thought I would enjoy my classes, and I was right. I really loved my international marketing class because of my professor. He was lively and taught me a lot about my major. He really focused on global marketing and I learned many new theories and themes.

The things I took away from this trip is that each city is unique and complex. My urban studies class taught me this. I also learned that it is okay to for help, I often got lost or needed advice on what to do. Most people were very willing to help and were friendly as well. I learned that there is no need to stress about things! Everything works out and that if you plan things will go smoothly. I learned this from my trip to Edinburgh, when I was nervous about taking the train there.

I feel like I’ve grown really comfortable here, there are so many people from different countries and backgrounds I feel at home. London is busy but I really feel that is how I would like my lifestyle. When interacting with Londoner’s my age, I felt like I connected with most of them and could see myself one day going to graduate school here. Like I mentioned before, it further leads me to want to attend graduate school in London. I also felt like I never had a huge culture shock moment. There were times where I forgot different cultural manners but for the most part I didn’t have as big of a culture shock as I thought I would. Maybe because London is so diverse everyone is tolerant and accepting, so regular rules don’t apply.

London has really opened my eyes and help me decide how I see myself in the future. I definitely want to live or study in a city like London because of its unique atmosphere. I cannot wait to visit this beautiful crazy city again!