Bronchitis and Bookings

Not going to lie this last week has been a little rough! I was diagnosed with bronchitis which is not very fun to have while abroad. Normally when I’m sick I’d be cuddled in bed with my cat and basically not doing anything. Here it is a lot harder because I want to be able to still experience things and hang out with friends. I powered through as much as I could but not going to lie I just wanted to be home with my mom!

My internship is going great as well. I love the people and enjoy the work I am doing. I have never felt like I was doing stereotypical “internship” work. is an online third-party meetings booker site. We help clients, typically business or conference holders, book meetings instantly. Instead of having to waste almost a full day calling different venues and trying to collect all the prices by themselves. We allow anyone who visits our website to search what location they want the meetings in, the number of attendees, the date, and for what times. It will then generate results and show each location on a map with prices of the unique venue.

Venues will contact us if they want to be listed on our website and will receive notifications to confirm availability if a client wants to host a meeting there. We are just a middle man that has a three way mutually beneficial relationship between clients, our company, and venues. It saves our clients time, brings more business to venues, and we found a specific niche in the market.

We don’t really have to worry about safety or environmental concerns since we are not dealing with tangible products that we deliver to clients.

I am really excited to be doing marketing and helping with the growth of the company. Working in a smaller close-knit environment has been such a great experience and I can’t wait to grow more in this internship.

Next weekend I’ll be traveling to Scotland to visit Glasgow and Edinburgh and as much as I like Ireland I’m excited to travel outside of the country.

Total side note but felt adventurous abroad and had 16 inches of my hair cut off last Tuesday!