Coasting Into the End

My last few weeks in Sydney have been just as wonderful an experience as my first few. Now that I have settled into the rhythm of life, I feel more like a local than ever before. In addition to my internship and classes, I have even been able to travel within Australia.

Since I was a little kid, it has been a dream for me to visit Steve Irwin’s zoo in Queensland, Australia.  Two weekends ago, this dream became a reality.  After doing some research, I realized that the closest airport to fly into was the Sunshine Coast airport, which is tiny.  From there, myself and a few friends booked a hostel for a night and enjoyed the beach for a day before heading to the Australia Zoo. There, I was blown away.  The animal enclosures were beautifully kept and large and the whole zoo was focused on conservation. We even saw a crocodile feeding! It was incredible.


My final weekend in Australia, although not as exciting as seeing crocodiles fed, was satisfying in its own way. It is bittersweet to know that I’m leaving because I have nothing but happy memories in this city. I spend the weekend in the company of my closest friends here while we revisited our favorite places.  These included the farmer’s market that we visited each Saturday to get fresh produce, (and free samples!), the Royal Botanical Gardens for a spectacular view of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, and my favorite beach, Manly.


As I navigated the city this weekend, it struck me as funny how comfortable it feels. Planning a train route is no longer cause for anxiety and a local asking, “How ya going?” doesn’t phase me anymore. I plan on enjoying my last week in the city before my plane comes on Saturday!