The Dublin Diary: Factors affecting the #InternLife

Each week seems to go by faster than the last and with only four weeks left in my Irish summer – I have really begun to better understand my company and the factors that affect the sector.  As a communications company, my organization works with a broad range of clients which means that the business can be affected by everything and anything.

Since one of the directors of my organization has roots in a political party, we tend to work with many politicians – and most recently we are working on a presidential campaign.  Yes, somehow I am an active contributor to an Irish presidential campaign – how cool is that?!  Taking on the campaign means that the possible new clients can see if their ideals align with those of the company’s which can result in lost business.  It may be risky to take on such a client but there can also be great reward.  The president of Ireland is extremely different from that of the United States in that they uphold the core values of the country, but they have no legislative power.  Working on this has opened my eyes to the politics of Ireland and I have really enjoyed learning about the different political parties here.

Some beautiful sea front houses in Dún Laoghaire

In a totally different way, the other company director works in San Francisco a few times a year with various startups.  When i think of a start-up, I think of a little business started by someone tinkering at their dining room table and asking for help.  That’s not at all who the company works with.  It is usually large tech start-ups who need help effectively communicating their story to investors and the public in a few short minutes to ensure that they get an investment and can grow.  This has also been very interesting to me because I have learned what the structure of a start up looks like – and that just because it is a start up does not mean it is a small business.

The National Gallery of Ireland

Working with startups and politics this summer has really opened my views to what great communications and an effective story can do for a brand – be it an organizational image or a personal image.  The work my company does goes on to impact a brand and society in general.  We work with a broad range of clients that also include mental health services, corporate event planners, religious charities, Dublin Bus, and a few other well-known brands.  I cannot believe the work I have helped create and the difference I have made in my company and I look forward to expanding on the work I have done in the upcoming weeks!