A Headcase’s Approach to Marketing

Being a company based around the creation of media, Headcase has four different branches: Street Art, Out of Home, Headcase TV, and Experiences. The Street Art Division uses local street artists to paint custom advertisements throughout Dublin as well as hosting street art workshops for corporate or private team building. For example, we just finished a campaign for the HSE (Ireland’s health and safety organization) which went to local youth organizations and used street art as a medium to educate about healthy relationships and sexual wellbeing. Headcase TV is video creation, making brand stories, advertisements, etc. They cover a large amount of events and create promotional content surrounding them. The experiential branch is probably the most well known, as it works on experiential marketing events, currently focussing on a Just Eat campaign (the Irish equivalent to Grubhub). They built a mechanic in house which has two branded bicycles attached to it for people attending to race on. As the participant pedals the mechanic in front of them has lights which turn on one after another until they are all lit up, and that contestant wins. The Out of Home division is what I currently work in. They operate an extremely unique media format called Eco-cabs, which are essentially rickshaw-style bikes which are branded, then used at high-footfall events around Ireland to give free rides to people attending.

I have helped with a few of the divisions, but my focus has consistently been with the Out of Home division. The basic process usually begins with a client approaching us regarding the possibility of a campaign (more often than not through a media buying company). Once, this campaign is confirmed, then the client (or headcase) will apply the creative to the template for the ecocab branding, which is contracted out to a local company. Then the ecocabs are sent out to the location of the activation (usually in a large truck owned by Headcase), and used to give consumers free rides or promo sampling. While the Ecocabs are road-legal and have insurance, giving them the complete right to be at any major event in Ireland, the local security frequently takes issue with the cabs operating near the event entrances. This is something which is usually played by ear, but is something which the brand ambassadors and eco cab drivers must take into consideration when activating.