The Referendum

If I had arrived in Ireland and asked about “the referendum” every single person in the country would have known exactly what I was talking about: Ireland’s vote to legalize abortion. When I arrived there were posters literally everywhere. Billboards, bathroom stalls, telephone poles, ect. where covered in various pro or anti abortion statements. Before I arrived  the referendum (thankfully) passed. Abortion is now legal in Ireland, and gone are the days of women traveling to Europe to receive abortions legally. One of the largest and longest standing clients Headcase has is the Health and Safety Commission of Ireland, and their current campaign is surrounding sexual health and wellbeing targeting the younger populations. This of course created the need to be extremely careful when dealing with the subject of unplanned pregnancy and contraceptives in general. An issue which we ran across was the education of the brand ambassadors. While the brand ambassadors are usually trained with a sufficient understanding of the product or information they are distributing, an issue this inflammatory is something that needed additional attention. There was additional training as well as instructions to try and explain that they are simply distributing products as opposed to actual representatives of the organizations views. This seemed to work out fine other than a few minor setbacks. Headcase seems to support positive initiatives including the sexual health campaigns, and just pledged support to an organization currently driving mental health awareness among the creative/ design industry.