Last Traveling in California

This weekend, I was busy traveling. On Thursday, I got to work at home, and on Friday, luckily, I got a day off from my work because the CEO of my company went to China for 3 days. Therefore, I basically had 3 full days to go somewhere. I go back to Pittsburgh next Friday, so this was my last time traveling in California for this Summer.

I made lots of Korean friends outside of the program, who lives in San Francisco. I decided to go to Lake Tahoe with them this weekend. At first, we were going to visit Yosemite, but a fire broke out in Yosemite and we chose to change our destination to Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is a huge lake surrounded by mountains and is as beautiful as Yosemite. I rented a car and picked them up. It took little more than four hours to get to the Airbnb we rented. It was 11 at night on Friday when we arrived there. We ate some food and went to bed right away. On Saturday, the first thing we did was to drive up to a viewpoint of Lake Tahoe. It was literally beautiful. This particular place we went is called Emerald Bay. The water was the color of emerald. We took hundreds of pictures on that one spot.

After that, we came down and went to a beach. We rented two double-kayak and one paddle board. I got the paddle board. It was so much fun, but was too expensive. We paid 100 dollars in total for one hour. After, we just lied down on the beach and spent time. But, we had to get out of the beach because thunder storm was coming. So we just went to eat dinner. We went to this luxury Korean restaurant and spent another 100 dollars on our dinner. I was happy though because I got to have all the food I wanted to have.

It took four hours to get there and another four hours to come back. And I was the only one who was able to drive. It was quite challenging driving 8 hours in total at night, but the trip was worth it.

I got back to my apartment last night at 11 P.M., and the car I rented had to be returned by 6 P.M. today. Therefore, I got to use the car today until 6 P.M.. Today, I woke up at 9 and went to the beach called ‘Half moon bay’. The shape of the beach looks like half moon and I think that’s why they gave it that name. It was beautiful. After taking some pictures, me and my friend went to another place called Sutro Baths. It was a historical place with a beach and some kind of a castle. I was able to see the whole beach at once. After that, I returned the car. I was sad to return the it because I had too much fun with it.

This probably was my last trip in California. Next week is my last week in San Francisco already! I can’t believe that my internship is almost over. For the remaining 5 days, I will explore more of San Francisco as much as I can. KakaoTalk_20180722_234052076