Day 9: Innovation

Today was the day we competed against each other to win the top 3 best innovation amongst the 11 of us. Before we did our pitches, we spent the morning with two guest lecturers from Pitt’s Innovation Institute. I was very intrigued and overly impressed by Blake’s (Pitt alum as well as a CEO of Aeronics) presentation skills and how he pitched in a calm, informative matter.

Before the lecture, I did feel somewhat confident; however, after hearing Blake’s pitch, I felt that I was unprepared in a way. I found it very challenging to pitch my idea in a very structural and persuasive way. Blake also gave us advice in how to go from an idea to reality. It seems that a common theme amongst the successful individuals we have met so far have been that they have surrounded themselves in a diverse community to gain new perspectives not just similar ones. I found this crucial in creating not just a professional network but as well as understanding others and your own values, and working on leadership. All of these were mentioned by Blake and above all, he mentioned that being overly prepared and knowing your own pitch incredibly well will be an advantageous for the ease of answering questions and appearing knowledgeable.

After the lecture, I did feel very intimidated and unprepared for my pitch; but I realized that the world of business contains many talented individuals who have unique ideas, competitiveness, and presentation skills. I didn’t lose interest in business; however, I feel that I’m not as creative as I thought and I would rather work for and support someone’s innovation rather than be an entrepreneur myself. Overall, today was a day to realize many aspects of entrepreneurship and innovation as well as myself. IMG_1404