Innovate, Execute

Today, I was able to tour and learn more about KPMG, a big four financial firm. KPMG is a direct competitor with Ernst and Young (EY), who we visited earlier in the Global Honors program. Out of the two financial firms, I liked EY much better, because they presented a more organized company pitch and has a more dynamic culture. EY has a team-centered culture, and bring a sense of energy that KPMG lacks. As a result, EY, in my opinion, is more innovative; EY constantly searches for new solutions and methods for handling data and analytics so they can aid their clients quickly and properly.

In addition to EY and KPMG, I believe that Everyday Cafe is innovative in its mission to revitalize Homewood. Dr. Wallace is bringing education, agriculture, and social events together to create a diverse community. Children are receiving more STEAM education through with the facilities Dr. Wallace created not only for education but to provide local produce to the community. Dr. Wallace is combining different programs with his organization giving every facility or program variable ways of usage.

Google, is also innovative because they continuously create new technology for the world, but also create innovative work environments. Google is a pioneer in technology, creating new ways humans interact with the world. Through software, devices, and services, Google is changing the identity of the world. As for Google’s work environment, workers are experiencing new ways to interact with their bosses and their own work. Google provides their workers with breaks, games, and relaxation areas to make work more enjoyable.

Out of the four firms, my order of most to least innovative are as follows:

  1. Everyday Cafe
  2. EY
  3. Google
  4. KPMG