Out with the Old

By definition, innovation is the introduction of a new idea, method, or device. With high competition and a growing modernized world, it is very difficult to have a successful business without an innovative drive. With a company like Google, innovation means everything. The company prides themselves on the brainstorming they encourage to their employees. They not only seek innovation in their products but also in their work atmosphere. Changing the normal 9-5 dynamic, they looked for ways to make things more efficient, enjoyable, and calming for their workers. Based on their descriptions of their workplace innovations, they seem to be having success in the results of their innovations.

Based on the company’s purpose, there are several different ways to be innovative. For the most part, I label a business as innovative if they are breaking into a new industry or are working to do something new. The business must be creative and hardworking; without these two characteristics, there are no ideas to be made or accomplished. These same qualities must be found in the employees as well. In addition, without passion for the work being done, there is no motivation or initiative to do anything above the bare minimum.

It is not easy to make a business innovative. One of the ways to accomplish this would be to have a company open to conflict. As we learned before, a company that is not open to conflict has no room to change or improve. By making an accepting atmosphere of open conflict between employees and higher-ups, it will lead to a closer connection to the company, which will result in passion and hopefully innovative ideas. One of the ways a person can work to be innovative is to work on problem-solving skills. Training and exercising your mind and finding solutions to problems is how you can work to be innovative. I can already tell there are ways for this improvement at Pitt. With the different workshops available at the Innovation Institute, there are many opportunities to test my problem-solving abilities.