The end is here

This experience abroad has been something that I will cherish forever. This trip was life changing due to the people I’ve met, the things I’ve done and the memories I’ve made. Coming into this trip, I haven’t traveled alone outside of the United States. I have traveled with family all across the world but this was my first chance to explore by myself. When I was deciding on this trip, it was between London or Sydney. I couldn’t pass up on the choice of Sydney as not many people in their lives will get to travel to the land down under. London is much closer to America so the chances of me going there are higher. I fulfilled every single possible tourist attraction to do while venturing on my own to find the hidden gems of the city. I wanted to spend as little time in the apartment in order to explore the city to its fullest

I grew in many ways both academically and personally. For my professional side, I did not take part in the internship program. I had chosen to take two classes instead which helped my academic life. Academically, I was challenged but also comfortable. I was confident in my abilities to adapt to my new place of study and do my best in class. Transitioning from Pitt to Sydney was pretty interesting as Pitt’s campus is much larger than the college I was taking classes at. Also, I found a perfect balance between school and travel. Being abroad, I did not want to miss out on any chances to explore so I did all my work early so I was not tied up with anything. Personally, I became a better person all around. I saw myself grow to be more independent, responsible and confident. I was more independent as I would go on solo trips to go find a good cuisine or to go hiking. I was responsible enough to keep control of all my money and valuables. My confidence shot through the roof as I had to be confident when making plans or just plain adventuring into the unknown.

Some takeaways I have from this program is how independence on the program allows each student to grow in their own way. This program was very free and open while there was a surplus of help if we ever needed it. Cooking for ourselves every day and making plans to go travel allowed myself and others to become more mature. Another takeaway from this program are the experiences every person had during this trip. Almost everybody on this trip had the time of their lives. Coming into this trip or even before, most people never even thought of traveling across the world to see Sydney. Now, almost everybody I talked to wants to visit and live on the land down under because it is arguably the best place on earth.

I plan to bring these takeaways to Pitt Business by sharing my experiences with friends and potential students who are thinking about study abroad. I want to share how life-changing this experience is and how wonderful the people are that I met on this trip.Opera haas.jpeg