Last Week of the Internship

This is my last week of my internship in San Francisco. I can’t believe that time passed this fast. I came here on May 13 and it’s already the end of July. When I first came here, everything was new to me because I have never visited San Francisco. But I adapted myself to the city very fast. I made so many friends, inside and outside of the program. They were all nice to me.

Work is another experience I had. I have never worked in the U.S. and was wondering how it would be. Now I have that experience and I learned a lot of things. First, I learned how to be flexible. I had many projects that  I was working on each week and had to manage my time to do those projects. I set priorities and followed the order I set. Secondly, I became more patient. My boss was sometimes rush me to do something but I’ve never lost my pace. Then I brought myself better results. Thirdly, I got more confident. Now I know how working in the U.S. like and I think I can apply what I learned here when I get back.

San Francisco, I think, is one of the cities that you must visit once in a lifetime. It was great to stay in the city for two and a half month, thanks to the program. I met such nice people. I attended a Korean community here and I did a lot of things with them too. I had dinners and hung out with them so many times. I went to Lake Tahoe with them as well. I think I made so many friends here.

The city itself was great too. I live right next to Chinatown and Financial district, so I was able to experience different cultures, or work cultures, every time. I visited all the famous tourist spots as well. The only thing I regret is that I haven’t rode the cable car which is a ‘must do’ in San Francisco.


Now I have my work experience, and I hope to use that in the future. San Francisco was a great experience. I leave back to Pittsburgh in three days and I hope to come back here when I can.