That’s a Wrap, Folks

These past two months have been a whirlwind. I have learned more than I could’ve imagined, I’ve visited amazing places, and I have had the absolute time of my life. At the beginning of this program, I wasn’t sure if I was going to finish it. I didn’t know anyone here, while my host family was great, they weren’t super involved in my endeavors, I was far from home, and everything was new. While I had an interesting first few weeks in this program, I really found my groove a little while in.


My classes really took off; I had passionate professors who were so incredible to learn from, it was a lot of work but honestly, I’ve never enjoyed classes more than I have on this trip. Our group began to get to know each other and we started taking trips together, some of which to Madrid, Barcelona, and Portugal. I got to see more of Spain and the area around it and continued to fall even more in love with the country, language, culture, and so much more. I ate more than I ever imagined and walked more than I thought possible. In total, I pushed myself to my limits on this trip, and I have never been more proud and relieved that it turned out to be the best decision of my life.


I experienced a lot of growth on this trip. As I’ve touched on in other blog posts throughout my time here, I have expanded my abilities in many ways. I have expanded my knowledge, in my classes, I was inspired to not only complete my schoolwork with gusto, but to learn more and go beyond the requirements of my class. My knowledge and command of the Spanish language has increased immensely. I cannot even tell you how much my abilities have changed and how confident I have become in them. Lastly, on a more personal level, I have grown in my abilities to thrive in a new and challenging place. My fierce independence has been tested and strengthened. I have been pushed way past the edges of my comfort zone when it came to meeting new people, eating new things, and all sorts of uncomfortable situations. I am so grateful for this experience because it has made me so much more confident and able to handle anything thrown my way.


From this program, I will takeaway the importance of taking time for yourself. The importance of pushing yourself to your limits every once and a while, and the pure joy of being inspired to learn. I hope to take all the skills and knowledge I have gained on this trip with me into the business world to help the sphere of international business thrive and succeed myself because of them.


This was the experience of a lifetime, I have been changed forever, and it was all because I was selected for this scholarship and without it, none of this would have been with Don Quioxte statue