7/29: Day 1 Ireland: The day that wouldn’t end

Today was the first day in Ireland.  On Saturday 7/28 at 2:15 pm the class left Pittsburgh and ventured on to Dublin with a connection in Philadelphia.  The first flight was only about an hour.  But the second flight from Philly to Dublin was six.  To make things worse, I did not sleep on bit.  So I have gone, what it feels 28 hours without sleep.  I am jetlagged and I am tired, even as I am writing this blog post, it is taking all my energy to stay awake.

Being jetlagged did not stop me from the walking tour.  My favorite moments from the walking tour had to have been St Stephen’s Green.  It is a great way to start off Ireland if you are jet lagged.  The scenery was fantastic.

Some main differences between Pittsburgh and Dublin right off the bat is Dublin has more public transit and is more walkable.  Pittsburgh is much more hilly and you don’t walk as much.  Today the walking tour guide, I must’ve walked 7 miles at least.  I do actually prefer walking, and it is good when fighting sleep deprivation.  And whenever the class stopped to take a break, those breaks took more out of me than the walking.

Another thing I noticed is the Irish like to talk to strangers more than Americans.  Funny story: me and the customs agent were chatting it up, it wasn’t even questioning it felt like he genuinely wanted to know about me and my plans.  That was around 10 am Dublin time, and I am writing this at 7:30 pm Dublin, and me looking back on it, it does not feel like 8 hours but instead 24.

I am tired and jetlagged but I am in Ireland so I am happy.