Lagging Around

Jet lag is real. I had never experienced it before because I have barely traveled in my life, but whenever I have, I never had to adjust to a different time zone. Being pushed five hours ahead really got me. I could barely sleep on the plane ride here, so when we arrived at 9 in the morning, it was tough to just be starting the day. As of right now, I think I may have slept for a maximum of two hours (on and off) for the past twenty-eight hours. Being our first day in Dublin, Ireland, we had to do a walking tour to understand our bearings better. Man was that hard. I think I was sleepwalking at some points. I did, thankfully, remind myself to look up once-in-awhile because we are in such an amazing city. These next two weeks will fly by, and I really hope I take in as much Ireland as I can in that timeline. Walking around today, I noticed that Dublin was a smaller city. “Smaller” meaning as in building size. There were not any skyscrapers from what I saw. A lot of these smaller buildings were made of aged brick, adding character and authenticity to the feel of the city. As for the brick townhouses, their colorful front doors add that special something. I think those were my favorite part because they were bright, cheery entrances that also were inviting and welcoming, which seems fit for the friendly neighbors of Dublin. To compare Dublin and Pittsburgh, I believe they are both strong in their global neighborhoods but completely differ in the structure of their cities. Continuing our tour, we passed the shopping areas (the best parts of any city). The only one we stopped into today was Butler’s, a chocolate shop, of course. Most of us got iced chocolate drinks, which came with free samples of handmade chocolate. I will definitely be back there at some point to buy a whole box of chocolate because it was just that wonderful.

Overall, good first day in Ireland! Hopefully I will not be as tired for the other days.