An Irish Surprise

Today was an eye-opening experience, adjusting to Irish culture in various aspects.

After landing in the Dublin Airport, the Woodcock students met Hayley, who is our courier for the two weeks we are residing at Griffith College. After the forty-minute bus ride on the left side of the road, we finally made it to the college, which is just south of the main city center. The dorm rooms are small and cramped, and there is no air conditioning. The dorms are drastically different from Panther Hall at Pitt; I miss the extra space.

That being said, my first tour of the city was awesome, and I got to see some iconic Irish landmarks today. I walked 9.3 miles today. I got to see the Temple Bar, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and so many others.

Dublin is a classic European city with tight, bustling streets, and close quarters. The culture is completely different than Pittsburgh culture. Here, Irish men and women are more open and are more emotional about their opinions. As for food, there is every type of cuisine, from American to Chinese restaurants, which is the same as Pittsburgh.

We did not have any interactions with any Irish people, so I am excited to meet new people on our business trips. As more guest speakers and visitations will arise on the trip, I will be able to learn from various individuals who have lived here for a while.

Also, I am excited to compare Google Pittsburgh and Google Dublin to compare and contrast how Google offices differ in different parts of the world. While Google has one mission statement with their own unified goals, each company has different methodology to their system processes.

Can’t wait for more Ireland.