First Day in Dublin

After being awake for nearly thirty-six straight hours, we kicked off our tour of Dublin with a walking tour; I refuse to lie and say that I was thrilled about said tour. I have actually fallen asleep while writing these first two sentences multiple times, so I evidently need to get some rest. Nevertheless, Dublin did not seem as different to me as I think it did to some of my classmates. It is certainly different, but I suppose that I don’t yet grasp the nuances of how large cities work, and as a result, did not feel a huge drop in familiarity from Pittsburgh to Dublin. Overall, the only difference I have noticed outside of the basics (direction of traffic, bathroom types) is the degree to which we are part of the city; it is very clear that we are guests. In the same way that we Americans often covertly inquire about a group of people in our own country who are clearly outsiders, so too do the Irish inquire about us. It isn’t a rude gesture, it is simply a curiosity about something or someone exotic. This serves to remind me that we are guests in a whole new country, and reinforces to me that, while I can not yet see many differences between Pittsburgh and Dublin, they are most certainly there.