Dublin: Day 2

Today was our first full day in Dublin and it was packed! We were up and ready for breakfast at nine and had orientation with out local CAPA coordinator, Hailey. She informed us about the rules of Griffith College, the ways the city of Dublin operates, and even taught us some local jargon. Shortly after orientation ended we headed to Noshington, a local coffeeshop, for a wonderful welcome lunch. We enjoyed good food and each other’s company; the food was incredible and it was a welcome change from Market Central at the University of Pittsburgh. After bonding over dessert, the group headed into the heart of the city to officially begin our day.

Once in the center of town, we met with our guide. Tim was wonderful! He is a Trinity College graduate and it insanely knowledgable about any and all things Ireland. He knew boundless information about the people of Ireland, the rich history that shapes this nation, and the different places in and around Dublin that mold it into the diverse city it is. Our tour was a walking tour of the cityscape and everywhere we passed Tim was able to offer some kind of information. It is absolutely mad how much he knows about Ireland!

His insight really helped improve my awareness of the Dublin people. After today’s tour,  I feel like I understand the people of this country better than I did when I woke up this morning. Dubliners really are an amazing bunch!

Tomorrow we have our first company visit and a trip to Google. I can’t wait!