Final Countdownnn


Not sure if this will be my last post. Maybe I still have one more… but dang this went fast!

Last week work was a little slow. My boss is still out of town. Work is also getting slower with  more people going on holiday. At a time when I am eager to get back to the States, it is not easy to work when your side of the office is almost empty and the temperature inside is approaching the mid 80’s. I am writing blog articles and identifying potential partners for SIGNL4 that claim to be IoT (Internet of Things) platforms. I am really trying to spice up these last  couple blogs with custom infographics and such too. I spoke to Doreen, my other boss the other day, and she extended an offer for me to continue to write for Derdack when I get back to the States. If I can handle it with two jobs, school, and music, I will certainly do it. I think they are on to something special here. The way they approach work is rather impressive.


On Friday I was off. I ended up being more productive than I thought I would be. I sent postcards for the first time. It was a lot cheaper than I thought it would be. I did some historical things because I thought I had been lacking in that department. I spent some time at the DDR Museum at the Topography of Terror. The DDR Museum was super interactive and showed what life was like for those living in East Berlin during the Cold War. There was even a section of the museum that was set up like a house with different rooms that were completely furnished. Even though it was really crowded, I had a great time. After that I visited the Topography of Terror which is a section of The Wall they left up with an accompanying museum. In the museum there are a ton of information cards that take you through the timeline of social injustice before and after WWII. I am still amazed how the German people are so willing to talk about their history. After the museums I went to the Fred Perry store and got a polo shirt. I really admire the brand, and I do not spend a ton of clothes, so I treated myself… especially since I will not be spending a cent on myself for the next 6 months. I also made sure to go to the best döner shop in all of Berlin, Mustafa’s. I had to try the best before I left, and it did not disappoint. This is the best döner in Berlin because it is not even a döner… it’s a whole different food. On these döners they put peppers, potatoes, feta, and even a spash of citrus on top of the kebab. Friday was 10/10.


Saturday and Sunday I spent time catching up on sleep. Between those days I also paid one more visit to a techno club. That music is nuts… they do not have anything like it back home. A good chunk of the city was shut down on Saturday too because of some pride event. I walked through it for a bit as I was walking to meet up with some music friends. Never had been to anything like that. People were partying it up to say the least. I stumbled into it because my bus route stopped halfway and kicked everyone off because all the public transit was affected. Eventually, I ended up at a park hanging with people I have met since I have been here. That was a good time. It’s crazy I will probably never see them again.


This week I am announcing a record that is coming out in September, so I will probably be up late trying to catch up on time lost this weekend. I have to create a ton of promo material, and touch base with the publication we landed press on. Very busy, but I miss home and I cannot wait to go back. I just want to speak English and not be judged.

I guess I will see many of you soon.


– Connor