Cliffs of Moher

The group’s excursion today to the Cliffs of Moher  was absolutely incredible. We began our morning bright and early with a departure time of 7:10. Luckily for us, the bus was comfy enough that we all got a least a few hours of sleep in before arriving at the coastline. The drive was approximately three hours, but it was dotted with green pastures and cows as far as the eye could see.

Upon arrival I was absolutely blown away. The views were stunning, to say the least. We explored both paths within the Visitors Center and even got to see the single castle tower that stands, up close. We saw puffin rock, too. The penguins were so cute! The views stretched for miles and we were fortunate the weather held out; our bus driver had informed us that because the weather is so transient, views can easily be obstructed by fog for some visitors.

Our bus driver was incredibly knowledgable about many things along the route to the cliffs and the city of Galway. Every so often he’d get on the bus’ loud speaker and tell us facts, stories, and tidbits about Ireland and its historical background. It was so interesting and definitely aided my curiosity!

Our driver also was well-aware of the benefits tourism brings because of the Cliffs. He mentioned that hundreds and thousands of people visit the area every week! That kind of attraction definitely does wonders for the local economy and provides small businesses the chance to thrive. I feel so lucky to have see these natural architecture firsthand and can’t wait for our next seaside adventure tomorrow!