Cliffs of Moher

Today, we woke up earlier than before to hop on a charter bus and drive three and a half hours to the Cliffs of Moher as a part of a full-day excursion to the west coast of Ireland. Upon arrival, the sheer mass of the cliffs was impressive in itself, and the views throughout the area were breathtaking. The Cliffs of Moher are Ireland’s most popular tourist attraction, and are remnants of the Ice Age. According to the site, around one and a half million people visit the Cliffs of Moher annually. On the ride over, it had rained at the site, leaving some of the already narrow paths ridden with large puddles, which led to no friction pleasure with other visitors. As a group, we walked most of the length of the cliffs, taking pictures along the way to O’Brien’s Tower and back. The cool temperatures and subtle winds reminded me of the weather in Pittsburgh in the fall. After venturing most of the cliffs, and multiple pictures, we returned to our bus and visited the Burren, a beautiful rocky beach on the coastline of Ireland, and took the hour and a half drive to Galway, a main tourist city that thrives in the fishing industry, to finish off our day. Within Galway, we got lunch from McDonagh’s, a popular location for fish and chips, and stopped at a bay to eat. Afterwards, we stopped in and out of local stores before driving two more hours back to Griffith College to end the day.