Today was my favorite day in Dublin. Words cannot describe the beauty of the Cliffs of Moher.

After exiting the Ireland highway, our bus took us through the rolling hills of Ireland on the most scenic drive I have ever experienced. The grass was vividly green and the rolling hills were occasionally interrupted by small towns or single houses. Pastures with stone walls and cows, horses, and sheep occupied most of the land. The view I experienced on the excursion was the Ireland I expected to see when I first got here. While Dublin as a city is expanding and urbanizing, the outskirts of Ireland remain the same and contain some of the oldest historic sites in the world.

When we arrived at the Cliffs, I raced up to the edge and got my first glimpse. I was blown away; they were beautiful. While we walked along the path on the edge of the Cliff, I would stop constantly to take more pictures. I’m sure some of the pictures look the exact same, but I didn’t care. When I visit amazing naturalIMG-0781IMG-0777IMG-5849IMG-2964IMG-6616 attractions, I always reflect on the miracle of life and how amazing this world is.

There were thousands of other tourists at the Cliffs with us taking in the scenery. The Cliffs have become one of the most notable landmarks in the world, and its tourism has brought lots of revenue to the country of Ireland.

Interestedly, when they built the shops and visitor center, the government decided to put the shops in the hill by the cliffs. The buildings are underground, and they don’t jut out from the rural landscape. I thought it was an impeccable design to keep the integrity of the area.

Like any other attraction, Ireland employees price discrimination and charges a multitude of prices for different people and age groups. Therefore, they can attract the most amount of customers and make the most profit.

Every day I like Ireland more and more. By the time the trip ends, I might be staying here. Don’t worry, I’ll send letters back!