Jump on Three!

Beyond breathtakingly beautiful. How else would one describe a natural wonder that really cannot be described by existing words?

When Americans think of Ireland, they think green and old castles and cliffs and sheep…or at least I did. Upon arrival to Dublin, it was a very different scenery than I expected.  A cute, historical city with lots of character and wonderful people. I was not one bit disappointed in Dublin for it not being exactly what I imagined; in fact, I love the city and its homey feeling. But at the same time, I still wondered if I would get the chance to see the picture inside my head. Today, the class traveled three and a half hours to the Cliffs of Moher. It was the beyond breathtakingly beautiful natural wonder I had always imagined. As my heart stopped beating while taking in the scene, I realized that I finally fulfilled my expectations of Ireland. There was green grass on the rolling hills blowing from the cool breeze. Cows roamed in their private sectors on the green hills, enjoying the scenery themselves. By taking the steps toward the cliffs, immediately, the breeze blows stronger and the waves crash louder. Beautiful yet dangerous. The narrow, muddy footpaths were right alongside the edges of the cliffs. More so at specific points on the trail, one wrong slip in the mud could have ended a human life. The danger enhanced the exhilaration and amazement of the cliffs.

This natural wonder is a great site for tourism and adds to the economic development of Ireland. Boat rides, bus tours, and more! The tourism of this natural site brings more money into the economy. Many tourists are attracted to this location as they too needed to satisfy their (possibly stereotypical) expectations of Ireland, like me.