8/5: Dublin got the Dub

Today was the day where I felt most like an Irish man.  Today we went a Gaelic football game.  Dublin was playing some team which I can’t remember.  Even though I had never seen Gaelic Football ever in my life it was apparent that Dublin absolutely dominated their opponents.  I really should have watched and/or read about the game to get more background information.  Oddly enough, I was really interested in the pregame, watching the plays that Dublin was watching was unique to me.  Watching the plays develop I realized that Gaelic Football is most like rugby; in particular, the way players move off ball and  how they run to a spot.

After the game, me and six others went to an Irish restaurant.  I had this shepherds pie which was to die for.  I am usually not a fan, but it tasted magical in my mouth.  Then we went to a park and the atmosphere of it was truly relaxing.

Ultimately today might not have been as epic as the Cliffs of Moher, or as interesting as the Cliff walk in Howth, but I was more exposed to the culture of Ireland.  And I have to say, I truly enjoy it.  Gaelic Football is fun to watch.

I would like to say a special thanks to Cathy my wonderful professor who made this all happen today.  And tomorrow I know we have a big day coming with epic mountain views.  As a person who seeks the thrill in things, I cannot wait, and it should be a lot of fun.