Classic Sunday Football

Earlier this week, on Wednesday, the class toured Croke Park and discussed the motives and history of the Gaelic Athletic Association. Today, we were honored to receive the opportunity to watch one of the games, Gaelic football, at Croke Park. All thanks to Dr. Lada! The game was so cool to watch in person; it was definitely more engaging than a soccer game. This particular game was the quarterfinals: Dublin versus Roscommon. Dublin won; in fact, they dominated. Woohoo! I rooted for Dublin right along the true Dubliners because of all the love I have acquired for this city since we arrived here a week ago.

Before we came to Ireland, I had a few expectations in mind. Based on pictures and a mental image, I expected to immediately see green hills, castles, and cliffs. Based on hear-say, I expected super friendly locals and a lot of potatoes. At first, I did not see the scenery I expected, but I certainly met the super friendly Irish folk and ate a lot of potato foods, both of which were worth it. I fell in love with the city of Dublin for that reason and also for all its rich character and long history. Once we made it to the Cliffs of Moher on Friday, I ended up satisfying my other presumption by actually seeing the visual in my head. So far, all my pre-departure perceptions have come true. What I did not prepare for, though, was just HOW beautiful or HOW friendly Ireland really is. It truly has been an amazing experience, and I still have more time to enjoy it.