Off and runnin’ to Dublin

Week 1 has been a great success. From company visits to day-trips and excursion, I am learning a tremendous amount of knowledge about business processes and Irish culture.

So far, we have visited Google Docks (Google’s European Headquarters), The Irish Times, The DAVY group, and Croke Park Stadium. All four business excursions have shown me a glimpse of what it is like to do business in Europe. Here, business is much more casual, and personal relationships are extremely important. Business deals take much more time because they aren’t even discussed until after business members have learned about each other.

The Irish Times was very interesting to me because of how they are changing their business models. Unlike the Post-Gazette, the Irish Times is actually trying to reinvent themselves to remain profitable.

Also, Croke Park Stadium was a blast. I really enjoyed the tour and was fascinated that the sport is centered around passion and heritage. Members only play for the teams they live in/are born in, and they do not get paid. All of the players have full-time jobs outside of the sport.

Today, we got to go to a Gaelic Football Game between Dublin and Roscommon. Dublin dominated the game and are headed to the semi-finals. They are on track to win their fourth championship in a row. It will be a momentous moment in Irish sports history.

After the game, I stopped for dinner at a traditional Irish Pub and ate traditional Irish Stew. It was very tasty and the lamb was cooked well. The live music was awesome and I am excited to go try another Pub sometime soon.

Dublin is the most extraordinary economic city in the world because of its unparalleled growth. Its growth plus its gorgeous sights have made it an awesome trip.

I am excited for what week two brings our Pittsburgh group and I am hoping to explore more areas of the country and meet more businesses.