Gaelic Games

After visiting Croke Park and loving the culture behind the game, I was extremely excited to witness a real game of Gaelic Football in the park. Today we ventured back to Croke Park to watch the quarterfinals of Irish Football between Dublin and Roscommon. Since this was one of the major games towards the final, it was exciting to witness and feel a part of the culture behind the games. Although I do not usually get interested in watching sports, I was super interested in the game today. I loved being a part of the sport and I definitely want to watch another game in the future. I think the main reason why I felt so engrossed in the game was because I remembered hearing about the passion behind the sport when we initially visited the park. That community loyalty that powers the GAA is enough for me to enjoy watching to tracking the games.

Our first week in Ireland has come and gone faster than I thought it would. Looking back on what we have done so far, we have visited Croke Park, Google, The Irish Times, and Davy to learn more about their company. We also visited the Cliffs of Moher, Galway, Howth, and the Cliffs of Howth to experience the natural beauty found in Ireland. Living in Dublin has been very lively to go out and experience the culture every day. From eating fish and chips to vintage stores to street musicians, there has been so much Dublin has been able to offer, I only wish we could stick around longer.