Modern Art and The Book of Kells

To be perfectly honest, I can not stand modern art. I am sick of fake intellectuals folding linens and calling it art; folding bed sheets does not signify anything, please stop. In all seriousness, I really do not think that the Irish Museum of Modern Art gave me any information about Irish culture, nor do I think that it really added much to my experience here. I am appreciative that I was there, but I do not think that I really gained any new information from the museum.

With that being said, the Book of Kells was absolutely astounding, largely because I love the history of the Christian church, but also because of the sheer magnificence of such a work of literature. To think that four authors took the time to write the gospels of the Bible with such precision and care is astounding. As far as Irish culture goes, I think that I see a greater degree of Catholic influence on the country after seeing the book, though this influence was certainly pronounced even before the Book of Kells. Furthermore, the library itself helped me see an entirely different side of Ireland; the sheer magnitude of the library made me think of Ireland as a place that was interested in future knowledge and understanding, rather than simply as a country interested in business.

I think that this is particularly important for me as someone outside the country, as it is easy to become fixated on the fact that I am a business student, and therefore, ignore the parts of the country that seem less pertinent to my studies. I am glad that I got to spend an entire day studying Irish culture; I hope that this knowledge will help me deepen my understanding of Ireland.