Semester in Shanghai

Hey Guys!

My name is Michael Andrews and I am Junior at the University of Pittsburgh. I am double majoring in Finance and Supply Chain Management with a minor in Chinese. So I guess it is easy enough to deduce where I am headed; Shanghai. Shanghai being the financial capital of China and one of the largest business cities in the world is the best place to continue my knowledge of business and Chinese language. I will be participating in a program called CIEE Business, Language, and Culture. My focus in China is also in that order. This program consists of language courses, business classes and an internship. This program is such a good program for me because it matches both my reason for studying in China as well as the rigor of classes that I have come to expect. This program will take me outside of the global city and will allow me to travel around northwestern china and also the area around Shanghai. I will be living with a Chinese roommate so that I am able to have conversations in Chinese all of the time. Another great feature of this program is my internship. I will be interning with Arpin International Group with a focus on supply chain management. They speak both English and Chinese so I will have a great opportunity to not only see how business works in China, but I will be able to learn useful Chinese business terms. Although it is an unpaid internship, I think I will learn a lot.

So this actually is not my first time in China. I was here all summer in a smaller city called Dalian. The program during the summer was extremely intensive and I took a language pledge to only speak Chinese. This program in Shanghai consists of a difficult language course but it will be more balanced with the addition of business classes in English. My goal for this semester is to become business proficient in Mandarin, to grow my understanding of the Chinese economy, and to understand Chinese business. This is definitely a high goal for me, but if I can get off campus and immerse myself into the language and culture I will be able to accomplish these goals.

I am beginning my 4 months in China soon and I will keep you guys all updated on my travels.

Talk to you soon!