To a Semester in London!

Sending a cheery hello to you all from across the pond! That’s right, I am studying abroad this fall semester in London, England. Can you believe it? Neither can I! Ever since I was accepted to the Global Business Institute: London Program, I have been smiling nonstop, from ear to ear. My name is Hannah Paysse, a Pitt Business student from Murrieta, California. This year, I will be completing the first half of my junior year in the United Kingdom! As a marketing major, living in this continuously developing city undergoing rapid globalization is a dream come true.

I will be taking International Marketing, Creative Connections: Advertising and Marketing in Britain, Analyzing and Exploring the Global City: London, and International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior. I am hoping to be challenged by these courses in order to develop a deeper understanding of utilizing marketing strategies, their effectiveness, and how to determine what the best course of action is for a company targeting a global market. By living as a consumer in London, I will be able to reflect on my personal experiences during our class discussions, as we consider the international marketing environment as a whole. I am eager to apply this knowledge directly to my day-to-day experiences in the UK marketplace while learning how to create an effective marketing plan, while also considering the numerous factors affecting a marketing managers’ process to make centralized decisions around the long-term success of their firm. My hope is to recognize efficient marketing strategies that I will be able to transfer to the United States, in order to help a multinational company remain competitive amongst the global economy.

A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to visit London, sparking my fascination with England. By selecting this program I was choosing international immersion in the city of London, the heart of international business. I chose to experience a different style of teaching, indulge in English cuisine, and form a greater appreciation for English history, traditions, and culture. It meant I would be able to visit the great sites that sparked my passion for learning as a child, such as Big Ben and the Buckingham Palace. I chose to challenge myself professionally by interning for a London based creative agency specializing in public relations, brand management, and design. My decision to go abroad was a choice to experience a new and developing world, a choice that I knew would be beneficial to my own development and success as a business student. I cannot wait to see what this semester has in store for me and to share my experiences on this platform!