My Weekend in Croatia

I’ve been living in Vienna, Austria for two weeks now and every second has been amazing. This weekend I made my first out-of-country trip to Croatia. My six friends and I traveled to Dubrovnik and Split, where we spend 3 days and 2 nights.  We decided it was best to travel to Croatia while it is still warm to take advantage of the beautiful beaches.BellE03

Since I’ve only traveled long distances with my family, planning a trip was definitely a new experience. There was nobody there to book hotels and planes and read about local attractions for me. As a group, the six of us sat down and booked our transportation and housing together. We decided on flying into Dubrovnik early on Saturday and spend the night, then take a 5-hour bus to Split and spend another night and then take a 12-hour night bus home the next evening. While booking trips we found that it was best for 1 person to book 6 seats together rather than us all booking individually because we had a situation where two of us booked tickets and then the bus was full and the rest of us had to ride another bus.  It was no big deal, but it is definitely nice to ensure nobody is stuck traveling alone without the rest of the group. We also stumbled across a genius app called Tricount. It allows you to add the expenses you made for a group of people, like Uber rides or Airbnbs. This way everyone can keep track of what they owe everyone and nobody gets the short end of the stick and everything can be settled after the trip ends.BellE06

Finally, traveling in a new country that speaks a foreign language is definitely stressful at times, there are cultural gaps like having to pay for the bathroom or having food put out on your table that you didn’t order that you have to pay for if you eat. I found that it was good to travel flexibly, take on the bumps in the road with open arms. I learned that when things are confusing, like what bus is leaving for where because announcements are in Croatian, I could generally get an answer by asking a local or someone nearby.   It was a lot more productive to ask for help than trying to just figure it out on my own and definitely saves us a lot of time and stress.BellE04