Where Are We Headed?

     I want to accomplish the same basic goal academically, professionally, and personally during my time in Sydney. That goal is to “expand my horizons” and despite sounding cheesy and cliche it was one of the main driving factors for my decision to study abroad.

     From an academic standpoint I want to use the opportunity of learning about subjects such as International Management & International Marketing while I’m abroad to truly get a first hands experience on what these subjects entail.  It made perfect sense to study these subjects while I’m actually abroad and the classes even offer the opportunity to work with students abroad in locations such as London and Florence. To take full advantage of this opportunity I’m going to need to treat my academics with the same passion and study that I would any other class back home.

     Professionally I want see what the field of marketing looks like in a global context. It’s going to become near impossible to be a hermit in this increasingly digital and connected world. In my mind the versatility of a global perspective is going to become essential in my field of study. One of my professional goals is to eventually become a liaison between foreign independent movies and larger-scale US based movie distributors. To do this I will need to know the in’s and out’s of every aspect of distribution and in particular marketing. My professional goal is to gain the necessary knowledge and skills that will provide a good foundation to build upon in regards to these skills.

    Personally I want to escape my comfort zone and really push myself to try new experiences. As I’ve mentioned before I left Pitt because it became to feel too familiar and safe to me. In Sydney my personal goal is to truly strive to chase new experiences that are completely exclusive to just Sydney, despite how fearful I may be.

     To achieve these goals I thankfully do not need some complex, excel driven workflow or task plan. I simply have to keep an open mind, I need to learn how to ask questions and make meaningful connections while abroad. To achieve these goals I need to truly connect with the environment around me and take as much as I can from the experience that has been granted to me. I’m one to play it on the safe side in all aspects of my life, but here I’m going need to learn how to take more risks and let any inhibitions that may have stopped me from pursuing opportunities out of my comfort zone aside.