Pitt Business International Day Photo Contest

Have you participated in a GBI, IIP or Plus3 Program in the last two years? If the answer is yes, you qualify to enter the Pitt Business International Day Photo Contest!

how it works
  1. Select your category. 
    1. From the Classroom: What did you learn abroad? Share moments from the classroom in this category.
    2. To the City: Have an internship abroad? Send us snaps of your workplace, work events or anything else related to your internship!
    3. To the World: Submit highlights from your explorations abroad. We can’t wait to see what you discovered!
    4. Pitt Pride: Just because you’re in a different country doesn’t mean you can’t H2P!
    5. Anything & Everything: Have a snapshot that doesn’t fit one of the other categories? Submit it here!
  2. Pick your photo(s).  
    1. Submit up to five high-resolution, large JPEG photos (one per category) for each international program you completed.
      1. Example: If you went on Plus3 Vietnam and GBI London, you could submit up to 10 photos total, two images per category.
    2. For each photo you choose, be sure to include the following:
      1. A short, snappy caption.
      2. Place the photo was taken.
      3. Photo credits, if applicable.
  3. Write your testimonial(s). 
    1. For each program you completed, write a testimonial including:
      1.  What is your full name as it should appear?
      2. What is your major(s) and/or certificate(s)?
      3. What international program did you complete and where?
      4. Did you complete an internship while abroad? If so, where and what was the position?
      5. What did you enjoy about the international experience?
      6. What are your career plans, and how did your program help you achieve them?
      7. What are some of the memorable highlights from your international experience?
      8. Why do you think it’s important for Pitt Business students to study abroad?
      9. What did you gain from studying abroad that you couldn’t have otherwise? Approach this question from a personal, academic and professional standpoint.
      10. Note: If you completed two separate programs, you will need to compose two separate testimonials. 
  4. Submit! 
    1. Send your photos and testimonials to saocba@pitt.edu by 5:00pm on Tuesday, October 9th. 
  5. Vote! 
    1. The competition will go live on Monday, October 22ndPhotos will be shared in a special Facebook album. Have your friends and family vote by liking and reacting to your submissions! (We will share this album with you via email upon launch).
    2. Winners will be notified via email on Wednesday, October 31st. 
Why should you participate?

Perks of entering the competition include:

  • A chance to have your photos displayed at Pitt Business International Day.
  • A chance to be featured on Pitt Business International social media.
  • The ability to influence future students’ study abroad decision.
    • Your testimonial could be the thing that sways someone to participate in your program!
  • The opportunity to earn prizes!
    • Anyone who submits a testimonial will get a laptop sticker from their program.
    • Category winners will receive a laptop sticker and a Pitt Business To The World t-shirt.


Contact us at saocba@pitt.edu.