Living in Sydney

I am very pleased with our living situation here in Sydney. CAPA provides the apartment and it is in a great location. We live in a suburb called Ultimo, like I mentioned in my previous blog post we are only a 10 to 15 minute walk from the train station, and this is one of the main train stations so it gives us the ability to get anywhere we want. We have really been able to utilize this not only with our commutes to our internships but also just getting around Sydney. We can go to any of the beaches or popular city areas. We are also only about a 5 minute walk from two different malls that have plenty of shopping and grocery stores, so it is really convenient for us!

The set up for our apartment is also great. We are in an 8 person apartment,  which I was very excited about coming in because I knew it would give me a great opportunity to meet new people right away. There are two people to a room, so there are 4 bedrooms, they are good size with 2 desks and a bathroom in each. Then we have a nice living room and a full kitchen. All of my roommates are Americans in the CAPA program. I came here with two of my good friends from Pitt and I was a little nervous about who our other roommates would be, I knew that there would definitely be people who we would become good friends with but I am really happy with our group. All of us have become really close and have become great friends. In addition to that we, the room right next door to us has a group of 8 guys who we have become close with as well. It was an awesome surprise to be able to come and make so many new friendships and now have friends from all over the United States that I know I will keep in touch with and visit.

Overall my time in Australia has been great. We have not been here too long and have only scratched the surface of what this place has to offer. We have so much to look forward to and we are starting to plan out some really cool weekends. Trying to travel throughout the country as much as we can and really take it all in.