My expectations & My new mates

I had a lot of high expectations for myself before coming here. I knew that it wouldn’t be easy to balance the work that comes with classes I’m taking and working part time at Andiron Group. I knew what I has signed up for and the responsibilities I would have while here in Sydney. I hoped to take my education to the next level and there are things that I wanted to accomplish academically, professionally, and personally.

Even though I may not be at the University of Pittsburgh, there are standards that I wanted to hold myself to academically. There are many things different about classes here and classes at Pitt, but even though the style may be different I want to continue to get the same grades I would get back at home. I want to be able to say that I can maintain the same grades I get at my university while still traveling Australia and working part time. I not only want to get the same grades I typically get at Pitt, but get even better grades while presented with this opportunity.

This internship has been my first job that is considered more formal than other jobs I have had in the past. That being said I wanted to act as if I was just hired for my first real job out of college and take it seriously. I want to connect with my coworkers and continue to expand my network. Also to get some first-hand experience with my major.

I wanted to personally grow as person while here and really get out of my comfort zone. I wanted to basically yes to every experience, within my budget of course. I want to try new foods, meet new people from different cultures, and overall open my mind to the world around me.

I have already started to get out my comfort zone and accomplish some of my goals here in each of those categories. It has been easier than I thought because I have such a great group of friends here in the program that want to accomplish the same things. I am living in an apartment building called Urbanest, which easily has been the nicest apartment I have ever lived in. There are multiple Urbanests around Australia, but the one I’m living at is in Ultimo. Ultimo is a suburb in Sydney which is surrounding by many universities and shopping areas. I couldn’t have gotten luckier with my floor mates and have grown so close to each one. Some of the people here that I have met in my program, I know I will be friends with for the rest of my life. The people that also attend Pitt here in my program have become some of my best friends, and will be nice to have around when returning home. Overall I couldn’t be happier with my placement and would not change a thing.