A Brief Intro

Hello everyone! My name is Yifan Wang and I am a sophomore intended in Human Resource Management major. I am planning pursuing the certificate of International Business and internship during this program. One interesting thing about me is that I am an international student in Pitt so it’s not my first study abroad experience to be in London. I am expecting to find out the differences and similarities for my study abroad dailylife in Pittsburgh and London. I enjoy playing games such as Overcooked in Nintendo Switch, cooking and looking for delicious food when I’m free. Actually, I have already collected a list of popular restaurants for dinner in London from one of my friends who is quite familiar with London. I suppose I would prefer traveling around London instead of visiting other countries in the breaks next term.

There are several reasons why I chose the Global Business Institute program in London. I am continually trying to experience as many different environments as I could and that’s also the reason why I chose to be an international student. This program offers me a chance to spread my vision and learn more through the one of the most diverse global cities and famous financial centres among the world. I believe that this chance could assist me in improving myself as a more adaptable person, as to keep breast of times and the changing environments. I am desired to get touch with more complicated global environment so that I won’t be limited at a certain environment in the future. 

I am interested in the experimental learning through this experience and I expect to further improve my transferable skills through experiential education. The intercultural capability needs the direct experience to make contact with others. To be open-minded should not just be a phrase written on paper, but also requires practically experienced. Meanwhile, the internship program I am going to take will also be a valuable opportunity for me. It will make me more competitive with others and thus achieve my future career goal easier. As major in human resource, I look forward to getting in touch with more people in different areas with different nations, religion beliefs and so on. It’s a good chance for me to learning about practically managing in more complex environment, including managing myself well. I consider this experience as both an empowerment and proof of my cross-cultural communication skills and flexibility as well.

I once had an internship in China for two months. My job was mostly related to marketing and accounting at that time because I hadn’t decided my major yet. I made the marketing analysis such as what’s the potential profitable orders the company should have achieved but did not. It was the first time that I learnt something practical about my knowledge gained from college. It made me feel that the practical combination and utilization of what I learnt in real life is really important. This experience will be the first time I intern in my intended major and I am really excited about that. I can’t wait to see the one of the most famous cities in the world especially after I finish my final exams. The relaxing break makes me feel more expectant about my future journey.