Liv(ing) Far From Home

Ciao ragazzi! My name is Livia Molinaro (Liv is my nickname), and I am a student at the University of Pittsburgh studying finance. Outside of finance, my interests include writing, photography, film, history, language, traveling, swimming, amateur baking and cooking, and spending time with my family and friends. I have a lot of academic pursuits, from studying Italian to film to corporate finance. In addition to that, I have taken some really interesting classes in film and data analytics. When it comes to professional experience, I have a lot of involvement with analytics, as I just finished up my marketing analytics internship with Eat’n Park Hospitality group this fall. My future career will probably involve some analytical thinking!

The study abroad program I chose is IES and the particular program is located in Rome. There I will be taking classes in religion, Italian, and psychology. I chose this program in particular because it offers a class I cannot refuse and would never have the chance to take again (especially in Italy)– Mystics, Philosophers, Saints and Sinners: Studies in the Roman Catholic Tradition. This class intrigued me because as a Catholic, I am always wanting to grow deeper in the tradition of my faith, and a perfect way to do that is to study and visit the towns of some of the most pivotal reformers of the Catholic Church. Besides that class, the location of Rome is perfect for me. With countless churches and the Vatican, not to mention the plethora of history and art entrenched in the city, I am sure to discover a lot during my time there. I also wanted to go somewhere where English is not the native tongue so that I can learn some of a new language.

When I come back home from Rome, I hope to take some key lessons with me. Personally, I hope to have a better picture of who I am. Being in a country very far away from home for three and a half months is sure to push me out of my comfort zone, and with that I believe I will discover some new strengths and weaknesses. Academically, I will have the chance to take classes in subjects I never would if I were back in business school, so my horizons will be broadened with some new types of knowledge. I am excited to use different parts of my brain as I study (and practice firsthand) Italian, religion, and psychology. Professionally, I hope to gain a new network of people– from other students to professors to whoever else I encounter while there! I also hope to gain some marketable skills for employers– adaptability and diversity. I know there are many more lessons I will learn throughout this trip that I cannot even imagine now, and I can’t wait to discover them.

A presto!Livia