Countdown to London!

pre-departure blogHi everyone! I’m Enlin Carow, and I’m a current sophomore at Pitt. I was born in China and when I was one, my mom adopted me and brought me to the US where I grew up in central New Jersey (yes, central Jersey is a thing haha). I’m planning to major in Business Information Systems, minoring in Computer Science as well as getting the International Business Certificate. A few things that are important to me are running and eating. I love to run, and I’ve been running competitively since sixth grade. While abroad I will be running around, and this will help me get a better sense of the surrounding areas. I’ve been to London before, so I am slightly familiar with some parts where I ran on my last visit. I also love to cook and try new foods; traveling to London will help me expand my palate with all the different cultural influence that thrive there. Once I graduate, I hope to get a job in the Public Health sector, specifically within the technology side of the business. I also hope to work overseas at some point in my career. Having known people who worked abroad as expats, working abroad has always been a dream of mine since I was younger.

As I mentioned before, I’m studying in London as part of the Global Business Institute. I applied for the internship and expect to hear back from the program coordinator soon. I chose London for two main reasons—the first one is because I didn’t want to be behind in my classes if I followed my first decision to study abroad in Spain and the second one is because London is such a diverse and busy city there will always be something new to explore. Personally, while abroad, I hope to meet a lot of international people and learn how to navigate my way around an international city. I also hope to travel and explore other countries so I can learn about their cultures, too. Since I hope to work abroad at some point in my future, during my internship I would like to gain a sense of what it’s like to actually work while living abroad. While in London, I plan to complete the classes that are required to obtain the International Business Certificate. These classes are International Economics, International Organizational Behavior and the Internship. Overall, I’m so excited to travel to London, meet new people and explore the city and the countries close to it!