One Month Until Sydney

Hello!  My name is Steven Kirk and I am a Sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh.  I am a Pitt Business student majoring in Accounting, and am also pursuing a certificate in Business Analytics.  On campus, I am a member of Phi Beta Lambda and have served on the eboard for Enactus.  I was born and raised in Pittsburgh.  I’m a huge fan of Australian culture and am excited for the opportunity to travel to such an amazing place.

I chose GBI Sydney because it aligned well with my both my personal and professional goals.  Personally, I am incredibly excited to explore Australian culture, as it has had a major influence on my life.  Academically, I am excited to take courses outside of my accounting major so that I am able to get a broader area of knowledge.  Professionally, I am set to intern with a firm that specializes in accounting analytics, which are the two things that I am studying at Pitt – I could not have asked for a better opportunity to develop applicable skills for my major.  Some goals that I have set are to successfully complete my internship, pass my classes, travel as much as I can while abroad, and learn to cook since there is no meal plan in the wild.  Overall, I am incredibly excited for this fantastic opportunity to explore the Land Down Under.