An Introduction to mi!

Ciao a Tutti,

My name is Sam Impellicceiri and I am a Junior Finance Major at the University of Pittsburgh…but not for long. Soon enough I will be deep in the country of Italy where my great great grandfather came from. In Italy, I will be staying, working, and living in Florence through the Global Business Institute of Florence. I will be assigned an internship and have a work experience program while I am abroad. So far, I have had an interview with a shipping company called Shippy Pro and I will hear back to find out from them if I will be working with them this semester.

I am hoping to get a lot out of my internship program and I’m very excited to try out actual business principles I have learned in my business school. Are my American learned principals transferable to another country? let’s find out!

Academically, I have always been pretty gifted. I make schooling and becoming more knowledgeable my number one priority only second to taking care of my family. I hope to keep my grades high as my spirits on this journey. I will be taking classes such as International Finance, Italian language, and will even try out a Sculpture-Making class. I have been itching to make some art in Italy as I will let the artwork I see in Florence inspire me to put a new twist on a classic form of art.

Also, I am deeply passionate about cooking. I will be learning to appreciate fresh ingredients and the original methods of cooking Italian favorites. I am going to try to learn how to cook pizza and pasta from scratch and hopefully I will learn how to make a delicious canoli. Furthermore, I will try to visit Napoli to see the original way that pizza is prepared. Napoli is the origin of that beautiful cheesy goodness that most Americans desire after a long night of friends and drinks. This will be the first time I try authentic Italian cuisine and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

I hope to get a few things out of this journey. I hope to get a new perspective on how business can be conducted. One day, when I am a CEO, I will be able to think in a different mindset than those who did not spend much time abroad and only saw how Americans conduct their business. I will have front row seats to an exclusive international business show.

I hope to develop myself to be able to understand more cultures and see more of the world. I love to travel and I have few plans on stopping. I will keep my followers updated on my story each month.