Introduction Post

Well, I guess I’m going to have to learn how to blog on the fly, because I have been trying to start this post for a solid 30 minutes. It must be the finals week hangover still lingering. In this post, I’ll introduce you all to who I am, what I will be doing this spring semester, and what I expect to get out of the entire experience.

My name is Mason Parker, I am a junior Finance major at the University of Pittsburgh. I am from Rochester, New York, I love music and playing guitar, and I generally just enjoy having a good time with my friends. Over the summer I had an internship with the Data Management Organization in Constellation Brands, a total beverage alcohol company (they sell Corona in the US, own Svedka vodka, etc.).

I’ll be blogging throughout my semester while I am abroad in Sydney, Australia. I’ll be taking 3 classes (I should know the classes in the next few days) and doing a part time internship with RISQ group. I will be doing the Global Business Institute program, mostly because of the guaranteed internship and because the classes I am taking are all be Pitt approved so I can be sure I will receive credits toward my degree. Also, for someone going into the business workforce, an international internship will look great on a resume.

Earlier today I was going through the checklist of everything I need to do before I go abroad with my parents, and I can finally say I feel like I am getting close to being ready to depart. Although I’m very excited for this next semester, I would be lying if I didn’t say the process can be stressful. The tasks that need to be completed are not necessarily hard, but there are LOTS of things to do and they can overwhelm you if you do not stay on top of them. As I was going through the checklist, I was relieved to be crossing out most of the more complicated items like the passport and visa. Now that this semester is done and those things are out of the way, I feel like I can really allow myself to get excited about Sydney.

I know this may seem like high expectations, but i genuinely expect the next semester to be one of the best times of my life. Other than a few trips to Canada, I have never been outside of the country before. I haven’t had an opportunity to travel like this, and the classes and internship give the experience some structure that will be appreciated in making things feel normal. I expect to make a lot of new friends, to try a lot of new things, and also learn a lot about the culture and work environment of another country.

Also, there is something I will probably be more grateful than others about. I’m from Rochester, NY, and I HATE cold weather. With a passion. I know I live in a frozen tundra, and I understand I chose to go to Pittsburgh for college, but I don’t think I can really explain how excited I am to leave the snow behind.