Intro to Me

Hi everyone! My name is Cam Marcoulier and I am a junior majoring in finance with a certificate in data analytics here at the University of Pittsburgh. I have participated in a couple of clubs here at Pitt including Sports Business Association and the Undergraduate Finance club. I also play some intramural sports like basketball and soccer.

I am from Southborough, Massachusetts where I live with my parents, brother, sister, and two dogs. My interests mostly revolve around sports whether it be playing or watching them. Most of the professional teams I support (Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox) are not liked around Pittsburgh. I also love listening to music (rock, rap, and country) and spending time with my friends.

In January, I will be traveling to Sydney, Australia for the semester long Global Business Institute program. Throughout the semester, I will be taking 3 classes to go along with a part time internship. The three classes that I will be taking are International Finance, Topics in 20th Century Literature, and Global City- Sydney. I hope to get a good understanding of Australia and Sydney itself through my courses. I hope I am able to learn about the wonderful city that we are living in through my Global City class. In my literature course I hope to learn about the culture of Australia through writing, I personally think this will be a very interesting class. In my International Finance course, I aspire to further my knowledge of finance, which is my major. Also, I think that international aspect will be intriguing and different than what I would experience at Pitt.

As of today, I found out that my internship will be with Garlo’s Pies. The company produces and sells meat pies across Australia. As the man that I interviewed with said their pies are hot dogs of the United States. It appears these are a staple food in Australia which was interesting to find out. The company is relatively small and family owned which means I will be able to learn a lot about it. I am very excited to get that started when I arrive in Sydney.

I hope to have an amazing time this upcoming semester. Like many of you I have never been to Australia but have always been fascinated by it. Personally, I think that this will be one of the best experiences I have had so far in my life. Australia is such a beautiful and interesting country and I am extremely grateful that I will be able to spend over three months there. I hope to make many news friends, with other students studying abroad and local Australians, and try new things.