Finishing up in China

My time in China is finally wrapping up and things are coming to a close. I just finished up my time at my internship with Arpin International Group which is a shipping company in Shanghai. I had great coworkers and I did a lot of different work and projects. I think that finding out what you don’t like is almost as important as finding something you really enjoy. Through this internship I was able to figure out what I am looking for in a career. I originally came into this program double majoring in Finance and Supply Chain Management, but I decided to switch away from Supply Chain Management. It doesn’t interest me like some of the other projects I have done in past internships and studies. I decided to switch my major to a certificate in Business Analytics which will help in pursuing a career in banking.

Another job that I finished in Shanghai was an English tutoring job. It was a great way to make a little money on the side which helped me survive in a pretty expensive city. There is a huge emphasis in China on learning and speaking English. It is definitely a big way to get ahead in China. Many of the better jobs require an ability to speak English. This makes it really easy to find a tutoring job in Shanghai. I taught a 4 year old girl named WeiWei. She was a great kid but the last thing she wanted to do after school was get tutored in English. I have definitely gained a lot more respect for teachers, especially Preschool and Kindergarten teachers.

The next thing that just finished up was finals week. Study Abroad courses tend to be less rigorous than classes back home but with multiple 7 page essays, presentation, and a written and spoken Chinese it didn’t feel that way. Thinking about the components of my Chinese test now and where I was when I first went over to China during the summer is astounding. I went from a basic topic like sports to presenting on the effects of the American Civil War on the South. A big reason why is because of all my great teachers along the way.

This will be my last blog from China. It is really sad to be finishing up, but I have a lot to look forward to. Next week I will talk about the overall impact that my travels have had on me.