My Journey Awaits


As I sit here with my long list of “To-Do’s” before I leave for an entire semester in Florence, I can’t help but think how lucky I am to have this opportunity. My name is Lyndsay Cox and I am from Downingtown, PA. I grew up in an old stone house with five older siblings and lots of animals; it was always crazy. Growing up with five older siblings was great because by the time I went to college, I got to see a lot of different options. I saw big schools, like Drexel, or smaller schools, like Gettysburg; I saw schools in cities and schools in the middle of nowhere; I saw art-based schools like Bennington and The University of the Arts. My siblings made it easy for me to see the different opportunities that I had for college, and when the time came, I decided to attend The University of Pittsburgh

At Pitt, I study Human Resources Management in the business school. This major is not the most popular and many times I’ve been asked, “what got you into HR?”. Growing up, my mom constantly told me that I was perfect for HR and that someday I should run her small consulting business, where she too worked in HR. Naturally, I rebelled. I shut that idea down every chance I got and repeatedly told my mom “no offense, but HR is not what I want to do, I’m going to major in Finance”. Fast forward to my first HR class sophomore year and there was no need to convince me anymore; I fell in love with HR. I declared my major after that first class and it has been great ever since.

Studying abroad was always in the back of my mind because a lot of my siblings did. One went to India and one went to Denmark. I had the opportunity to visit my one sister in Denmark and visit Norway while we were together. This solidified my decision to study abroad. I chose Florence because of the great reviews I received from other students. I couldn’t wait to become fully immersed in this new city that I would call home for the next four months. One thing I am looking forward to during this semester, are the classes I am going to be taking while abroad. I am enrolled in International Dimensions of Organizational behavior, Global Workforce Management, Italian, Analyzing and Exploring the Global City, and a Literature class. I can’t wait to see the difference in schooling within these classes.

While I am abroad, I hope to really step outside of my comfort zone. I want to be challenged and put in new situations that will help me grow as a person. I have traveled abroad, but only for weeks at a time and I believe this opportunity will be hard but rewarding, scary but exciting, and nerve-wracking but exhilarating. I am apprehensive as of my now, but I am trying to focus on all of the good that I will get out of this program. For now, I will worry about how I’m going to fit an entire wardrobe into a tiny suitcase.