The Anticipation of A Journey

Hello! My name is Nicole Durigon, and I am currently a junior at the University of Pittsburgh. I am studying Supply Chain Management and Marketing in the College of Business Administration, while also pursuing a minor in Religious Studies. I am incredibly excited to be studying abroad this spring semester and cannot wait to hop on my plane January 8th.

I was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and grew up with my Mom and brother. I attended a private Catholic grade school and high school, which made me want to branch out in my education and environment; hence Pitt. Pitt has been an amazing experience so far and has blessed me with the most amazing opportunities. I can explore myself while also exploring the city of Pittsburgh. Although I am almost 300 miles from home (297 to be exact) Pitt makes me feel like I have found another home away from home.

I am a very active student at Pitt. I have a lot of school pride and have school spirit to share. I am the president of the Panther Pitt, the football student section; and I am also an active member of a professional business organization known as Phi Beta Lambda. Through Phi Beta Lambda, I was able to attend the state competition in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and won first prize in my event; Human Resource Management. I also was able to help design one of our charity events, Mr. Pitt Business (a male beauty pageant we put on every year). I was so fortunate to be on the event planning team for two years, raising over $1000 for charities each year.

For my study abroad, I will be a part of the London, Global Business Institute program. I will also have the amazing opportunity to have an internship while in London, which will be an experience I will never forget. I cannot wait to go explore the city of London, its amazing culture, and all the awesome food the city has to offer. London is old and carries many amazing stories with it, and I am determined to learn all about this historic city and become integrated into its fascinating culture. It also offers me the opportunity to have an internship in my desired field; hospitality. Being such a central city for business and for pleasure, this city will provide me with the journey to explore my interests while also learning skills I can take with me in my future career.

I have had experience in a hotel before, and I instantly fell in love with working there. I love the glitz, the glam, and the history. I love creating experiences people can remember and crave to come back to. I am very excited to be working in a hotel while in London because I know all the experiences I will have there I will take with me as my career progresses.

I have had the amazing opportunity to travel in the past (one unforgettable experience being with Pitt’s Global Service Learning in Bolivia). But never in my history of traveling have I had an opportunity like this. I finally get to integrate myself into a different culture and learn what it is truly like being a foreigner. Words cannot describe how excited I am. Thank you Pitt for this opportunity and I cannot wait to continue sharing my experiences.