Less than a month to Italy


Hi everybody! My name is Jared Urich and I’m a Junior at the University of Pittsburgh. Ever since my high school Finance and Investments course I have been interested by the concept and its applications in the world of business. And it was that interest that led me to the decision to major in Finance here at Pitt. In addition to my major I am also pursuing a Certificate in International Business and a minor in Italian, which is why I chose the GBI: Florence program in  Italy this upcoming spring semester. While studying in Florence I will also have the amazing opportunity to intern with a foreign company, where I hope to not only further my Italian language skills in a business setting, but also gain some incredible real world finance experience. And I am very interested to see how the concepts that we learn here at Pitt are applied or perhaps differ from those used in foreign companies.


Outside of school I am greatly interested in athletics, art, and Greek and Roman history, which may seem like quite the odd combination. However, Florence is the perfect city for all of these. Having rowed for four years in high school and recently becoming a coach for one of the other high school teams of Pittsburgh, I hope that in my free time I will be able to join one of the many rowing clubs of Florence and get back in the boat once again. Also I’ve never been one to turn down a game of soccer and I’m sure there will be no shortage of games in Florence. As far as art goes there I’m sure I will spend many an hour outside drawing the fascinating architecture and sprawling countryside of Italy in addition to visiting the plethora of museums and galleries. And what better place could there be to explore and learn about the history of ancient Greece and Rome than the Mediterranean!


I hope to come return from this study abroad having gained a different perspective on the world and the world of business as well. I’m sure there will be many interesting challenges and lessons for me on the way and I look forward to sharing them with you! Having only been to Florence for a short time in the past, I can’t wait to return and experience everyday life like a true Florentine!


Until next time,