A Little About Me Before I Head Overseas!

Hi, y’all! My name is Megan Sitlinger and I am very excited to be heading down under in a few short weeks! Before the 20+ hour plane ride takes off, I wanted to say a little bit about who I am and what I hope to experience while abroad!

I am currently a junior in Pitt Business and pursuing a major in marketing. Like most, I am from the suburbs of Philadelphia and have only been overseas once in my life. I absolutely love the sport of volleyball and have been playing ever since middle school. I also love to watch romantic comedies, listen to music (especially 80s pop), sing, draw, cook/eat, photography, and spend time with friends/family.

At Pitt, I am on the e-board for a student-led writing organization: Pitt Business Review. I greatly enjoy writing about the many current events happening in the world. You can check out the amazing articles of my fellow classmates at pittbusinessreview.com!

Currently, I am still figuring out which form of marketing I want to pursue. Because I enjoy both the creative and research side of marketing, I am uncertain of my career path once I graduate from Pitt. Thus, I hope to continue discovering my passions and purpose from this new experience.

During the spring term, I will be studying abroad in Sydney, Australia with the Global Business Institute Program! I knew from an early age that I wanted to travel and Sydney has always been on my bucket list of places I needed to visit. The richness in diversity, history, and breath-taking views are only a few reasons why I was attracted to such a beautiful city. Thus, it only made sense to immerse myself in Australian culture and what better way than when in school.

I am looking forward to meeting new people and exploring the beautiful parts in Sydney with my camera in tow. I also hope to try traditional Australian cuisines and play volleyball on one of the many stunning beaches. This will be my first time traveling on my own; thus, I see myself gaining greater confidence in being independent by adjusting to a new culture and navigating in an entirely different country.

During my time in Sydney, I will be enrolled in three courses, as well as, intern for a PR agency, Espresso Communications. Two of my courses are related to marketing with the third one dealing with the exploration of the urban culture of Sydney. I hope to gain a better understanding of how Australians communicate and market to their target segments. From these marketing courses, I will also be able to compare and contrast Australians way of doing business with the U.S.’s operations and have a more holistic view.

I am very honored to join the Espresso Communications team while in Sydney. This opportunity will allow me to work with a diverse group of people who can advise me in how Australians conduct business. From this internship, I hope to further develop my communication, networking, and interpersonal skills. Not only will I gain valuable skills in PR, but I will also discover more of my interests and passions.

I am ecstatic to start this journey and I’m counting down the days until I set foot in Sydney!