Next Stop: Florence!

headshot 2.jpgCiao e Benevenuto al mio Blog!

My name is Jessica Wolff and I am a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh. I am studying in the College of Business Administration at Pitt majoring in Finance with a minor in Economics as well as a certificate in Leadership and Ethics. I was born and raised in central New Jersey with my brother, Jason, and my dog, Kipper. In my free time I enjoy dancing,  photography and exploring new places. At Pitt I am an active member of a professional business organization called Phi Beta Lambda as well as the Pitt Dance Ensemble.

After my first study abroad endeavor on the Plus3 Germany trip I am incredibly excited for this next adventure in Italy. I am especially looking forward to adapting to a new culture. I can’t wait to try authentic Italian foods and learn how to cook with different ingredients than I am used to. I look forward to finding both large and insignificant characteristics that make the Italian culture unique. I believe that there is so much to be learned by experiencing new things and I am excited to be able to have these experiences to better me personally and professionally. Entering the business world it will be important to both understand that not everybody works the same way and to have approaches to bridging these inevitable cultural gaps. Working in Florence during the spring semester I hope to be able to recognize these differences and formulate strategies for combating them.

During the Spring 2019 semester, I will be participating in the GBI Florence program where I will be taking academic classes including as International Finance, Renaissance Art History, and an Italian Language course while also pursuing a part time internship in the city. This program was the perfect option for me because it combines my passion for both the Italian language and culture as well as unique professional experiences. I have taken Italian language course for five years now and am extremely excited to be able to use my knowledge daily and build upon my conversational skills. Studying Italian culture in academic classes has been very interesting and I cannot wait to continue learning about it through real life experiences during my semester in Florence. Professionally, I am looking forward to gaining hands-on experiences that will enhance my professional capabilities and further my career. My previous work experiences, which include working as an ice cream server, interning at my hometown’s Tax Assessor’s office and interning at a luxury-home building company, have all provided me with unique lessons that I have been able to transform into skills that I use everyday. During my time interning in Florence I look forward to applying these skills that I have already acquired in the workplace as well as developing more throughout my endeavors.

Only 24 more days until this incredible journey begins! I can’t wait to be immersed in the incredible Italian culture, learning so many valuable lessons and meeting so many wonderful people. The countdown continues!