A little on me!

You are going to get to read a number of blog posts from me and so it will be more exciting if you know who I am!

I am a student at University of Pittsburgh and as a junior I will be studying in Australia, Sydney for the Spring 2019 semester. I love traveling and am an adventure freak,  enjoy playing games and am a sports person, and listening to music refreshens my soul. A fun fact about me is that I speak four different languages and with Australia would have studied in three countries.

At Pitts Business School, I wish to complete my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a major in Human Resource Management. I want to get an understanding of deep organizational behavior and culture and hence have opted for International Dimensions of Organization Behavior will provide the much-required exposure to organizational behavior in a global context. I will be taking classes related to Human Resources Planning & Strategy, Career Management, Managing People and Organizations, Organization Behavior and Global Workforce Management. 

Global engagement with internship opportunities is closely aligned to my individual career goals and strongly believe the learnings from this program will give me an edge to apply my knowledge in a modern workplace environment.As an international student, I see a great advantage to take the Study Abroad Program in one more country! Having completed my high school in India (Asia), pursing my under-grad in Pittsburgh (USA) and taking the opportunity to study abroad in Sydney (Australia), will help me gain tremendous exposure along with engaged learning and hands-on experience. 

Other than that, Australia is one of the most beautiful country with rich flora and fauna along with its beautiful culture and people. Being a sports-avid, it will also give me an opportunity to watch the live sports like tennis, cricket, etc. and explore the beaches and scenic places, which I am looking forward to explore this semester.